30 Miles and I’m Officially Crazy!

This past week I ran 30 miles.  30.   In one week.  What’s wrong with me?  This running bug is like nothing else I’ve ever experienced in my life.  My buddy Kristen told me she read a quote that said something like “I ran and ran and then found myself”.  I couldn’t agree more with that […]

Chugging Along

So we’re a couple of days in to hubby’s recovery, and so far so good.  He’s having a hard time slowing down and accepting help, but realizes how important it is.  Thankfully my parents live close and are basically saving us.  Thank goodness for grandparents!  Harry sure is enjoying the extra visitors! As you know, […]

I conquered the dreadmill!

Well, I certainly didn’t conquer it, but I did successfully use it to work out.  I’ve run on treadmills before but at around 30 minutes or so I can’t go on, no matter how slow I’ve been going.  My friends who do 8, 10, or more miles on the treadmill make me want to bow […]

Snow Day

While I hate the winter, I love a good snow day.  I love having the family stuck inside together with nothing to go to.  Unfortunately, my husband doesn’t get the day off as he works from home, but it’s still nice!  We were supposed to get some insane amount of snow, something like 2 feet, […]