My Second Half!

My team mate and friend Ali suggested we all sign up for this half marathon in the beginning of September.  She said it would be fun and perfectly timed in our training.  I signed up, and then all the way up to the marathon I cursed her, but it actually was a great time and […]

The Bad Runs

Friends, I am seriously overdue for a set of good runs.  I can’t explain to you just how bad everything in that department has been going.  First, it started with a large hematoma on my left shin, which is finally feeling a little better.  Next, I broke my right pinky toe.  Nothing major, just another […]

Miserable Miles

Marathon training is well underway.  In fact, we are about halfway there.  Many of us are really in the swing of things, with our long runs now over the half marathon (13 mile) length.  Guys, it’s getting serious.  We are mentally and physically breaking down, only to hope to be rebuilt.  It. Is. Tough. Yesterday […]

Going a Little Crazy

I have so much to blog about.  I’m sorry for abandoning you all, but it has just been nuts over here.  All winter we are dying for something fun to do, then the warm weather hits and there’s something on the schedule every day!  Between fun stuff, Harry’s therapy, marathon training, school, and studying for my […]

Some like it HOT!

I know some people are going to roll their eyes at me for saying this, but I do really like the hot weather.  I would rather sweat any day than to freeze.  One of the things that keeps me inside instead of on my run is not knowing how to dress, or dreading the cold […]

The Monster Has a Name

Today, it was confirmed that Harry has Emery-Dreifuss Muscular Dystrophy.  I can’t believe that this monster stealing his strength has a name.  It feels surreal and uncomfortable, but also final and reassuring.  Let me elaborate. Our first round of genetic testing was the myopathy panel.  Myopathies are the cousins of dystrophies, and they are different […]

Mom – Small Word, Big Meaning!

Happy Mother’s Day to a slew of amazing ladies out there.  I know so many who deserve much more than just a day and would never ask for anything!  There’s something about being a mom that instantly makes you put everything before yourself.  Before I was a mom, I was very self centered.  I felt […]

The First *&!@$!ing Mile

No matter how many times I run, or if it’s a short or long run, or if I’m going slow, or fast, none of it matters.  That first frickin mile is torture.  I feel like I can’t breathe, my lungs burn and my joints ache, and it’s a struggle to keep even a slow pace.  Then, […]

A Little Celebration

Today I was afforded the chance to take a step back, something I haven’t been able to do in a very long time.  Yesterday was my nursing final, and I was really worried about it.  It was challenging and I didn’t do particularly great on it, but overall I will end up with a B. […]