My Little Rock Star

My little man continues to impress me.  Today we had to visit the cardiologist because Emery-Dreifuss has a cardiac component which may cause arrythmias.  We need to be on top of his function and the electrical component of his heart.  I absolutely love our cardiologist and I was happy to see her again.  We went […]

The Curious Case of the “I Can’t Do It”s

Warning: I am going to break your heart, but I promise to also mend it.  Read fast and you’ll get to the good feels. Yesterday we went back to camp with our friends Sarah and Rock.  The rain kept us out of Central Park, but we had a great time again in the gym.  The group […]

Missing the Save

I’ll just come right out and say it, sometimes I feel strong and amazing and superhero like, like I can do it all.  I have these days where I feel like I’ve got it all under control, and I like it that way.  I make lists and follow schedules and it’s all a way of […]

Love the Run

Hey, beginner runners!  I have some great news for you, a little secret I want to share.  Everyone hates their run at some point.  Sure, once in a blue moon we go out and the whole thing rocks.  There are probably also runners who love every second, and they can kiss my ass for all […]

The First *&!@$!ing Mile

No matter how many times I run, or if it’s a short or long run, or if I’m going slow, or fast, none of it matters.  That first frickin mile is torture.  I feel like I can’t breathe, my lungs burn and my joints ache, and it’s a struggle to keep even a slow pace.  Then, […]

No Strollers Allowed!

Oh man there is so much going on!  Today I officially took my last nursing test, and next week I finish preceptorship.  On top of everything, we started redoing the kitchen with a friend’s help, so everything is a bit crazy.  Thankfully my Dad is over a lot to help and my Mom lives close […]