Fear of Change

It’s a quite common fear to have, a fear of change.  I get extremely nervous and uncomfortable, often anxious, when it comes to big change.  I thought about this a lot today and yesterday for no particular reason, and I think I’ve figured something out.  Change is not only good, it’s necessary.   Do you know […]

Things are Happening

We are living in an exciting time right now.  Last year, the ALS Ice Bucket challenge raise $115 million in two months for a disease that did not have enough funding.  It was just released today that those funds helped fuel research on a particular protein that scientists have always suspected was responsible in some […]

Making Shamrocks Lucky Again

In between Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s, Lowes does this amazing event with the MDA.  They have cutouts of shamrocks at checkout, and for just $1 you can buy one, write your name on it, and it will go on their wall.  The money goes to the MDA to fight against neuromuscular diseases. Last year […]

Fly Your Flag!

I’ve talked about this before, but everyone needs some purpose in life, something that gets them motivated to do good in the word.  Quite obviously my purpose has been bringing light to muscular diseases.  It’s a crime that we have no treatments, no cures, and we haven’t made much progress in decades.  There are children […]