Miserable Miles

Marathon training is well underway.  In fact, we are about halfway there.  Many of us are really in the swing of things, with our long runs now over the half marathon (13 mile) length.  Guys, it’s getting serious.  We are mentally and physically breaking down, only to hope to be rebuilt.  It. Is. Tough. Yesterday […]

My Best 5 Miles, and Harry’s New Backyard

Saturday I ran the Spring Lake 5, which I have run every year for the past few.  It’s a tradition for me, and signifies the beginning of the summer.  It’s always on the Saturday before Memorial Day, and it’s the largest 5 mile race in the country.  This year the entries sold out in 9 […]

Mom – Small Word, Big Meaning!

Happy Mother’s Day to a slew of amazing ladies out there.  I know so many who deserve much more than just a day and would never ask for anything!  There’s something about being a mom that instantly makes you put everything before yourself.  Before I was a mom, I was very self centered.  I felt […]