Surprising Success!

Bringing my son to places with other kids his age has long been a source of anxiety for me.  It was only recently that I braved bringing my son to the indoor play area in our local mall.  So when we were invited to a friend’s kid’s birthday party at My Gym (think Gymboree), I […]

(Mama’s) Santa Meltdown

Every mother who dresses their child in a special outfit to go see the mall Santa knows that there’s a certain amount of pressure.  (Especially if you’re a type A personality like me – everything must…be…perfect!!!)  You figure it could go one of two ways: your child could smile like the cherubic angel they are, or […]


I had debated writing earlier this week and titling it “Going Off the Rails on a Crazy Train”, because I feel like I’m riding an emotional rollercoaster.  One moment, I’m in despair that Harry can’t do anything, and the next he does something incredible.  Monday’s OT session was horrific; Harry cried absolutely uncontrollably the whole […]