My Second Half!

My team mate and friend Ali suggested we all sign up for this half marathon in the beginning of September.  She said it would be fun and perfectly timed in our training.  I signed up, and then all the way up to the marathon I cursed her, but it actually was a great time and […]

One Sweaty Fundraiser!

This past week, Harry’s Heroes held a fundraiser at Orange Theory Fitness in Marlboro, New Jersey.  One of our founding members, Liz, works out there and just loves the gym, so it was fitting to try and get their support.  What started with her simply asking if they would be interested in helping us out, […]

Fly Your Flag!

I’ve talked about this before, but everyone needs some purpose in life, something that gets them motivated to do good in the word.  Quite obviously my purpose has been bringing light to muscular diseases.  It’s a crime that we have no treatments, no cures, and we haven’t made much progress in decades.  There are children […]