Night Shift Crazies

After three overnights in a row this week, I have a case of the night shift crazies!  I’m sure my body just needs to get used to it, but for now I’m just delirious!  I’ve started my preceptorship and am thoroughly enjoying it, but I do need to adjust.  It’s hard with Harry not to […]

11 Miles!!!

I got past 10 miles!!  Wahoo!!!! Let me just say that December and January were basically a wash for me.  Between the holidays and awful weather, I barely got outside to run.  Weather that I cannot run in is single digits or ice, and we had a lot of that.  At the end of January […]

Big Wheels Keep on Turnin’

Are you singing Proud Mary yet? Yes? Good. Sometimes life smacks you in a way that makes you take a huge step back and say Whoa.  Little trickles of things can suddenly start an avalanche so quickly. When I first started my journey in muscle disease (because let’s face it, Harry has his journey but I […]

Making Plans

So last night was my first real day of the semester.  Tuesday’s lecture was cancelled due to snow, so last night we started with clinical. This semester is going to be challenging, but it can be conquered – with a plan! I operate best through lists, schedules, calendars, etc.  I like plans.  I use a […]