That Fresh Feeling

Nostalgia hit me hard this week, and it was so, so strange.  I had some time off from work (I worked the beginning of last week and I work the end of this week), so in preparation for vacation and a new job I spent most of the week running around doing this and that.  The weather finally broke (I’m not complaining, just stating facts.  I like the heat!) and it has been unseasonably cool, to me almost fall-like.  Fall weather always makes me remember my early twenties when I worked at Six Flags Great Adventure.   I worked in the summer too, but the fall was my favorite time to work because we had less open days and more days to work at our own pace.  I used to work with the animals there, and those days, well, they were some of the best times of my life.


Hanging with Tamra at my second SFGA job – The Dolphin and Sea Lion Show!


I always look back on that time in my life fondly.  Part of it is because I was young, carefree, entering womanhood, discovering my passions, and so much more.  I had some great people around me (also some not so great), but all in all it was a good time.  When the weather turns cool I am instantly transported to that time – saying goodbye to summer loves and coworkers and such.  So low and behold, the other day I am driving with the windows down enjoying the cool air, and as I happen to be passing the park my iPod turns on a song that I discovered and listened to during that time.  I had such a physical reaction to the nostalgia, it was incredible.  My heart raced, my breathing increased, my hands gripped the steering wheel, and I felt like I had tunnel vision.  All of a sudden I was back in my trusty orange Explorer, going to work.  It was a moment that I got to revisit that beloved time in my life.  I was doing something I truly loved, learning about love and loss and being a woman, and life was good.  Not that it isn’t good now, but it was just good.


My third and final job at SFGA – Animal Ambassador with exotics, posing here with bosses, coworkers, and Jeff Corwin!


I thought long and hard about those years after my song, aptly titled “Fresh Feeling” ended.  The lyrics stuck with me too, and I felt like I had never really listened to the song before.

Try to forget what’s in the past
Tomorrow is here
Orange sky above lighting your way
There’s nothing to fear

I look back on different times in my life and how in a rush I was to get to the next place, the next step or stage, whatever was next.  It’s not that I wasn’t happy, it’s just that I was curious what was coming.  I don’t want to go back to those times, I’m so comfortable and happy with where I am in my life, but I would give almost anything to be able to revisit and tell myself to SLOW DOWN!  I feel like this as a parent a lot – I want to rush Harry to the next stage, and I have to remind myself to enjoy the now because it is gone way too fast.

Every chapter in your life is important.  Some are more fun than others, but I still find myself looking back and feeling warm from one thing or another in each part of my life.  I don’t have regrets, I have fond memories that will last a lifetime.


My love, Jester!



2 thoughts on “That Fresh Feeling

  1. Oh yes, I love this post. It goes well with what I said earlier this week. People talking about how selfish they were before kids. That’s not selfish, that is you learning about you and experiencing life. Loved this!

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