Gettin’ Me Down

Oye.  I am feeling a bit trampled on and down in the dumps today.  Work is rough.  I’m just feeling a bit abused and my confidence is suffering.  I can get whiney from time to time and I feel like whining a bit now.

It’s okay though – we are all allowed to feel down at times, understanding that nothing is this big beautiful life is permanent.  All we can do is feel and move forward.  Sometimes you need to stand still just a little longer before moving forward, and that’s okay too.  Just always keep in mind that something new is around the corner.  If you keep peeking, soon enough you’ll catch sight of it, and before you know it, those good times arrive.


So I started this post thinking I was going to complain, but I ended up talking myself in to a better mood.  Sometimes things seem so big and important, but when you take a step back, they don’t look so big and terrible at all.  This happens to me a lot when I explain my concerns to someone.  There’s something about saying it out loud that can make you examine a problem a little more clearly.  Often I look back at things I thought were so terrible and they were a drop in the bucket, no big deal.  It’s hard to have that perspective in the moment.

The bad helps you appreciate the good, right?   The saying in Hawai’i is “No Rain, No Rainbows”.  Simple and to the point.  Sometimes it’s more than that.  Sometimes your problems involve people’s perception of you, and that can be hard to stomach.  I’m still figuring out how to handle that part, stay tuned.

Be well, friends!  Sunshine is just around the corner, if there are clouds above you currently.

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