Putting Family First

Prioritizing is a challenging task, especially for us parents who often struggle to find the right balance between family, work, and personal life.  I am constantly reevaluating this balance, and trying to find the right one.  There’s no perfect equation, nothing simple that makes everything even and perfect, and the balance is always changing.

One thing that continues to solidify for me is that family really comes first.  I find myself rebalancing my life to accommodate my son and my family time above all, because nothing in this life is guaranteed.  My son has special needs, and can be exhausting at times, but he needs me.  More importantly – I need him.  His existence has defined me in a way I never expected.  In the dictionary, many words have a few definitions.  Harry is just one of mine, but a very important one.


I’ve talked before about finding balance in life, and how I’m always working to wear all of my “hats”.  What I’ve also realized is that there is always one that is listed first, the most important.  My little nuclear unit, boy how I love them!  We can do anything as a tiny little army, united as one.  Our wavelengths work together (most of the time).  We balance and complement each other.  My husband and I can hand things off sometimes wordlessly.  There’s nothing better than this well oiled machine.  Sure, sometimes one part isn’t working as well as the others, but that’s the beauty in the system.  When one piece isn’t working properly, the others can pick up the slack!

I didn’t spend time as a young person dreaming of this family I was meant to have.  Some people do, and what a great thing to know what you want so early in life.  For me, I didn’t know what the future held and I was okay with going along and seeing where life took me.  I was open to a husband, a family, and all that goes along with it, but not sure if it was in the cards for me.  It happened more as a happy accident, and I was surprised by how much I wanted it after I had my little family.  Now it’s mine.  I built it from the ground up, and I want to be in it 90% of the time (the rest is me time!), even if it’s tough.  The tough stuff is often the good stuff, the stuff that sticks with you and teaches you something.  When I’m away from my family I feel like I’m missing something, like no one has my back (even though that’s not true).  No matter what’s going on, I need my unit, my buddies, my men!





3 thoughts on “Putting Family First

  1. I try and have your back as much as possible sweetheart. Tonight I was really drained. Very sorry about bailing. Great thanks to Mimi for changing her plans last minute and stepping up.

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