Not Much for Talking

I haven’t felt much for talking lately.  No particular reason why, nothing terribly sad or awful, just feeling a bit quiet.  It’s been bubbling since hubby was in the hospital in March.  Life has been crazy busy, in a good way, and I’m trying to logically rearrange everything to accommodate my family and my time with them.  Harry’s schedule is super busy, and we are squeezing in time together every day.  We are also obviously at the beach as often as possible!   So forgive my lack of words, and enjoy some pictures instead.




Harry and his boys on the boardwalk




Finding Dory!



The Spring Lake 5 Kids Race


Silliness at the beach


More silly – see where he gets it from?!


Some friends at the Ryan’s Quest 5k!


Our favorite summer nights – bonfires on the beach

2 thoughts on “Not Much for Talking

  1. OMG. How I miss that cute little guy! I miss chatting with you too. We have been crazy busy ourselves but I really miss you and am so glad you posted this update and pics. Such a beautiful family!

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