The Town


A good friend moved to Philly and we are so proud of her for taking big steps in her life.  Also, Harry and I are happy to have reasons to go to visit and explore Philly.  Every time we drive in, I say “Harry, we are going to the city – I mean, Philly!”  Harry asks why I correct myself, and I explain that people from New Jersey call New York City “the city”, but Philly doesn’t have a slang term.  Harry has now taken to calling it “the town”, which I love and now will be calling it that.

The other day we took a day trip to visit our friend.  We didn’t have much planned –  a little shopping, some yummy food of course, and then we needed to head back to Jersey for Harry’s aqua therapy.  As we drove in, Harry caught sight of a billboard with Buzz Lightyear on it and began to scream with joy.  I knew we just had to go see the Pixar exhibit at the Franklin Institute!


Museums are so much fun for me, and I have been so delighted to introduce my son to them.  A lot of the exhibits are over his head, but Harry still enjoys seeing all of the cool stuff.  The Pixar exhibit was interesting for the adults, and Harry loved seeing the characters he loves so much, larger than life!  He also really, really liked pushing all of the buttons.


Philly is so cool because it’s so historic, and our buddy lives in Old City so there’s so much history to see.  Right by her apartment is the first bank, and all around are cool cobblestone side streets.  Harry thought it was funny to try to lock me behind a gate – he looks a little too serious about it here.


We debated grabbing a bite or ordering in, but eventually opted to skip aqua (we never skip!) and take a short disco nap before going out for dinner.  Harry had the most amazing 1 hour nap where he went to sleep, and after an hour popped up refreshed and delightful (well, the delightful part was after some food).  Look at this nap, doesn’t it look heavenly?  All in all we had a great time in the town!


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