Mother’s Day Fun

Can’t stop, won’t stop!  That seems to be the motto lately.  Also “no rest for the weary” would be appropriate, but I am having a good time too.  A little update: hubby’s eyesight continues to improve, inch by inch (literally).  He is feeling pretty good, and we hope this progress will keep up.

That was really what I wanted for Mother’s Day – a happy, healthy family, and to enjoy them along with a little bit of time for myself.  I firmly believe that having some time and a life outside of your family duties is essential for being a good mom.  Wearing the “mom hat” is one of my favorite ones to wear, but I also need to wear others, and I have many – wife, sister, daughter, friend, and most importantly, the “Gloria” hat.  You can’t lose yourself in the roles that you play for others.  Keeping contact with who you are is essential and makes you better at playing the other roles.  I had a great balance of switching roles on mother’s day, and it made me very, very happy.

Mother’s Day was just perfect!  The boys have been so attentive, helping me finish my semester and get in to the swing of working overnights.  They let me sleep in, which was nice because it was raining and is there any better sleeping weather?  Thankfully the rain helped us opt out of Harry’s softball game and we had a nice relaxing morning full of breakfast and delicious coffee.  I got some great gifts, including some awesome handmade stuff from my little man.20160508_145012


After that I went to the gym and had a killer workout, then met the boys and my Dad at the beach for acai bowls.  The sun had come out and it ended up being a spectacular day.  Is there anything better than warm sunshine after a couple of days of cold rain?  I could have sat outside all day.  We chased the waves a little, grabbed some handfuls of sand, and then made our way home. (reluctantly)


After that we all relaxed and napped, me in the hammock of course.  That was my mother’s day present last year or the year before and it’s one of my favorite things.  Later we finished up with dinner for my Mom and I – everyone came over and enjoyed pulled pork that hubs smoked all day.  It was a really, really good one.  Hope yours was great too!


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