The Gitis and Other Things

Oye a month later and I write again.  Let’s do a quick catch up, shall we?  The ‘gitis (as we like to call it) is still messing with hubs, and frankly I wish it would pack its bags and go.  Poor hubs is dying to drive, and I’m dying to stop driving everywhere.  The past 2 months I’ve accumulated many miles, and I’m over it!  (Although I did trade in my old wheels for some fancy new-to-me ones, a Toyota Highlander to be specific.  I love it!!)  So keep thinking of Josh for me, because although he’s improving, it’s frustratingly slow.

Some how I have been able to continue running a decent amount, whether it be outside or on the treadmill.  It’s been finally warming up here and there, and my outside miles have been mostly on the boards.  Running on the beach makes me so happy.  Inside, I’ve been on the springy treadmills at Orangetheory.  I usually get under 3 miles with the time allowed in class for treadmill running, but it’s definitely faster.  Being forced to concentrate more on speed and less on distance is pretty nice, and I can’t believe how much this work has paid off.  I recently ran a 5k with my good friends (plus eye patch wearing hubs and everyone PR’ed) and really surprised myself!  I knocked whole minutes off my time, ending up 5th in my age group at 25:40!  We celebrated in Asbury Park with large German beers, pretzels and schnitzel at the Biergarten.  It was a good day.


Harry is doing really well, although he took a little spill but I’ll save that story for tomorrow or later this week.  Work has been good, I’ve been really able to practice my skills and my time management and am feeling much more comfortable.  I just wish I didn’t have to drive home 45-60 min after a long night shift!  School is finished, graduation is next week, and I have one class I have to finish up in June and July, but it’s essentially only the presentation of a project I implemented this semester.  Still waiting on word for my grad school applications, I’ll keep you posted!


2 thoughts on “The Gitis and Other Things

  1. Your poor husband. Man, I hope he feels better soon. Missed reading about your adventures, but am so glad to hear that things are going well for the most part. A new car is always exciting. We are talking about one ourselves. And I just LOVE hearing about your running progress. You are not the first person to credit that to Orangetheory and I totally buy it.

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