The Town

A good friend moved to Philly and we are so proud of her for taking big steps in her life.  Also, Harry and I are happy to have reasons to go to visit and explore Philly.  Every time we drive in, I say “Harry, we are going to the city – I mean, Philly!”  Harry […]

Mother’s Day Fun

Can’t stop, won’t stop!  That seems to be the motto lately.  Also “no rest for the weary” would be appropriate, but I am having a good time too.  A little update: hubby’s eyesight continues to improve, inch by inch (literally).  He is feeling pretty good, and we hope this progress will keep up. That was […]

The Gitis and Other Things

Oye a month later and I write again.  Let’s do a quick catch up, shall we?  The ‘gitis (as we like to call it) is still messing with hubs, and frankly I wish it would pack its bags and go.  Poor hubs is dying to drive, and I’m dying to stop driving everywhere.  The past […]