Hello Again


Me and my Pirate Love

So I have started and restarted this blog a million times, explaining my hiatus.  Sometimes I struggle with how much and how little to share to the universe of strangers that might read my blog.  I am very open, but also guard my family.  So long story short – my husband was very sick in the hospital and we all have had to rally to get everything done and support him as needed.  He’s alright and currently on the mend, but still not 100%.


Things tend to happen in clusters – like the old saying “when it rains, it pours”.  Of course while everything is going on with hubs, I am starting a new job, finishing my semester, and Harry started riding the bus then was on spring break.  Two days after my husband was admitted, we were supposed to be leaving to travel to NOLA to see my sister, but that obviously had to be canceled.  We spent vacation walking to halls of the hospital. I drove back and forth a lot.  On the bright side I got to drive his new pickup a lot!

Life is actually pretty good right now, despite this issue.  The new job is good, I am actually getting to be a nurse.  Harry loves the bus and is doing really well in school and all his therapies.  School is finishing up for me, and I’ll graduate next month.  I’m still waiting on replies for grad school so keep your fingers crossed.

There are a couple of things that I wanted to talk about in my blog that have lived in my brain during this “hiatus” – one is an update on my running, and the other is cleaning up life and prioritizing.  Look for those this week!  For right this moment, I will focus on work and Harry’s Heroes big event this week – the Philly Love Run Expo!!!!  On Friday and Saturday I will be manning a table at the Expo, one of only five charities accepted.  I couldn’t be more excited/nervous.  I’ll be sure to share lots of pictures!


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