Global Rare Disease Day


On the last day of February, the world gets together to celebrate rare diseases.  Well, at least part of the world.  Okay, maybe only people who are affected by rare diseases.  Hey, wait a second, aren’t we supposed to be spreading awareness here?  I admit, I am part of those who had never heard of this day until it effected me.  So let’s change that!  Let’s spread the word about rare diseases, because they deserve funding, research, awareness, and hope!

There are about 7,000 recognized rare diseases, and various organizations are working to fund projects to help research and cure these diseases.  One of the initiatives of the Rare Disease Project is global work on genetics, and the human genome project, in hopes to learn more about the genetics behind rare diseases.  This could unlock the key to cures and prevention.  I know in Harry’s case, as is the case of most with a rare disease, his disease is genetically linked and needs that aspect of research.  I firmly believe a cure for him lies undiscovered in genetics.

So what can you do?  Use your voice!  Some don’t have a voice to use, and we need to be that beacon for them.  Make today an action day.  Get involved, speak up, donate to your favorite cause – maybe $29 to mark this 29th day of February.  Find a cause that you su
pport and stand behind it.  We need you!



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