Fear of Change

It’s a quite common fear to have, a fear of change.  I get extremely nervous and uncomfortable, often anxious, when it comes to big change.  I thought about this a lot today and yesterday for no particular reason, and I think I’ve figured something out.  Change is not only good, it’s necessary.  

Do you know the feeling of looking back on being 5 years younger, 10 years younger, or more?  I do.  I remember those times fondly, but I always gladly come to the realization that I am a better, wiser person today than I was years ago.  A lot of struggle and strife have gone in to my growth, and I wear those battle wounds proudly because the Gloria of today, right at this moment, is a person I am proud to be.  I couldn’t have gotten here without change, both small and large.  Changes I was afraid to take – jobs, moves, dates, decisions – they scared me but all brought me here.

I’ve discovered these thoughts lately in the gym.  Running 5 – 10 miles on a treadmill is no joke, and I have to do deep soul searching to be able to mentally get through hours in one spot.  The other day I got to thinking about my pace and how scared I was to go faster, but that change was necessary.  I don’t want to be this runner forever.  I want to be a lighter, faster, fitter runner, and I have to make changes to do so.  I have to change my diet, change my training, and change my perspective.  I have to work on being comfortable going through the change.

Life is the same way.  Do you have goals and dreams?  Of course you do, we all do!  Thinking outside the box is essentially finding a way to change the present for the future.  I want to advance in my career, so I need to step out of my comfort zone and allow change to help me move that way, however scary that might be.

My son lives this every day, and I go through it too with him.  I know what he is capable of – but isn’t there more?   If he pushes harder, what doors open for him?  I want to instill this desire to push and change for the better in my little man, and establish it better in myself.

Listen friends, I don’t have it all figured out, but sometimes I have nice thoughts that I feel like sharing.  Maybe I’ll look back on this blog and remember this feeling when I am going through a scary change.  Maybe I’ll never look at it again, who knows!  All I’m saying is think about how change works in a good way for you.  It brings you to a different place, which may or may not be better, but it’s forward.  Keep those steps moving forward and bring the lessons you learn with you.  Get moving on that journey!


My most recent challenge – at home spin classes.  Killer!


Embrace the change but remain yourself at the core, especially if your core is really silly!!

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