My Friends and Heroes


Not too long ago I told you about our friends at Jersey Mikes and how much we love them, and they love Harry.  We recently repeated another fundraiser with people that have become friends.  At Orangetheory Fitness in Marlboro, New Jersey, we feel like family.  They ran a fundraiser for us last year, and the owner, Alan, suggested a second.  My friends were eager to attend as they love the workout they get here as much as I do!  Orangetheory is heart rate based, but it encompasses cardio (both on treadmills and rowers) and strength training (TRX machines, weights, bosu balls, etc).  I love it there and was eager to go back.  We pretty much filled the class and they donated 100% of the proceeds to us.  We are so blessed to have such friends, and are planning the next one!  Also, Whole Foods of Marlboro graciously donated water and bananas, we are so lucky to have such support!

We also made friends with the good folks next door at Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza.  Last time we went out here after the gym (because why wouldn’t we ruin a completely awesome workout with pizza and beer immediately after) and they were incredible.  This time, I told them ahead of time instead of surprising the staff with a huge party, and they donated 20% of our bill to us!  Next time, we will extend the event all day to anyone who mentions Harry’s Heroes!

My only complaint is with Mother Nature.  For the entire week leading up to the event, a large snow storm threatened our event.  We knew that feet of snow were coming to us, but it was unclear if it was starting Saturday or late Friday.  Mid day on Friday, the report was heavy snow starting between 6pm and 8pm.  Unfortunately, we lost a few friends from the event due to this snow – this is a trek for most of us and people were understandably nervous about the possibility of driving in blizzard like conditions.  Thankfully, it barely started to flurry by the end of our class.  Some people left, and others joined us at Anthony’s.  About an hour in to dinner it began to snow HARD and less than forty minutes later there was a couple of inches outside.  The drive home was a bit dicey, but everyone had a great time and made it home safely.  Everyone got their great workout in before being snowed in for anywhere from two to four days, probably baking banana bread from those Whole Foods bananas!  Thankfully, the groundhog decided we will be having an early spring so we shouldn’t have to worry about this for next time, right?  (Boy I hope I didn’t jinx it)

Go and try Orangetheory, Anthony’s, or Whole Foods in Marlboro.  All are worth the journey, I promise!


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