The Coolest Little Kids

We have gotten to meet some really cool people on our journey, and not many are cooler than the family we were hooked up with from our Jersey Mike’s fundraiser.  I wasn’t able to make the Saturday lunch rush of our four day fundraiser, but Harry was with Dada and Pop-Pop.  Apparently they met a really great family with three kids who were really in to Harry, eating and playing with him.  The young boy, Liam, was touched by Harry and his story.  He colored a picture and sent best wishes to my son, and I thought that was the end of it.

A couple of days later, I received a Facebook message from Liam’s mom, Kristin.  She spells her name with an -in like my sister, so I thought that was cool.  Kristin told me that her children, specifically Liam, were really moved by Harry and his story and felt like they should do something to help Harry get his dog.  Mind you, these kids are all young and I can’t believe they have such giving spirits!  What started with tooth fairy money quickly turned in to a birthday party for Liam and his sister Meara combining their birthday parties and asking for donations for Harry instead of gifts.  I was floored!  Often during our conversations I didn’t know what to say to Kristin other than thank you, and remind her what great kids she has.  To know such charity at such a young age is mind blowing to me.

We had planned on attending the party but unfortunately the snow that dumped on our town prevented us from attending.  What we were able to do was go out on Monday and watch the kids’ karate class at Art Beins in Howell.  We were able to watch Liam and Meara have a surprise test for a new belt – which they did amazingly on – and it was nice to have some one on one time.  It was a great couple of weeks.  Not only did we receive much love and a ton of donations, but their instructor Sempai Frankie made us a special message to get the word out!  Check it out here, how cool!  Art Beins donated the entire party whey they heard of the giving spirit of these amazing kids, and Cone Zone in Neptune donated the cake for the same reason.  Incredible!

We can’t thank everyone enough for their support!  We couldn’t do it without you all!!!


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