I am a JINX

What did I do??  I had a couple of posts that I wrote about my awesome life, awesome new job, awesome prospect of a service dog for Harry, then it all came crumbling down!  Don’t get me wrong, friends, life is good, but I jinxed myself a little and pieces have been falling in December and January.  So here we are, February 2016, a new month and I am finally feeling like I won’t jinx things.  Just in case, I’ll just keep the celebrating to a minimum – life is cool right now.

My spring semester started and I am back in to the swing of balancing school and family, and now adding in some work.  The plus is that work is per diem, so I can choose to work as much or as little as I want.  Work is really fun.  As a substitute school nurse, I get all the fun and not much of the tedious paperwork.  I can come in and meet some awesome kids and teachers and staff, and then go home.  I am really enjoying the variety!  I even got to teach a health class the other day on the dangers of marijuana.  It was quite interesting what these fourth graders had to say.

Harry seems to be over a bit of a tough spell he went through, although we are still struggling with listening to direction and not giving up so easily, but he is a three year old.  Right now we are balancing school, outside therapy, piano lessons (which are more like fun music class), and aqua therapy.  There’s so much more that I would like him to do, but our schedule is full right now.  Maybe when the weather is a bit warmer we can add in some horse time.

We are diligently working on finding a new place to get Harry’s dog from.  I met a local trainer who is working with me to find a dog and trainer, and I think we have a couple of good leads.  Again, I don’t want to jinx anything!  We will see where this goes.  For now, we will continue fundraising, staying positive, and looking to the future.  Fundraising is going really well and I have a few blog posts in the works about those endeavors, so stay tuned.  In the mean time, enjoy some recent pictures!

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