Fear of Change

It’s a quite common fear to have, a fear of change.  I get extremely nervous and uncomfortable, often anxious, when it comes to big change.  I thought about this a lot today and yesterday for no particular reason, and I think I’ve figured something out.  Change is not only good, it’s necessary.   Do you know […]

My Friends and Heroes

Not too long ago I told you about our friends at Jersey Mikes and how much we love them, and they love Harry.  We recently repeated another fundraiser with people that have become friends.  At Orangetheory Fitness in Marlboro, New Jersey, we feel like family.  They ran a fundraiser for us last year, and the owner, […]

The Coolest Little Kids

We have gotten to meet some really cool people on our journey, and not many are cooler than the family we were hooked up with from our Jersey Mike’s fundraiser.  I wasn’t able to make the Saturday lunch rush of our four day fundraiser, but Harry was with Dada and Pop-Pop.  Apparently they met a […]