Getting by with a Little Help

Even though we are in the middle of finding a company to train it, we are set on getting Harry a service dog.  Any way we look at it, it will cost some money to train the dog, so we have a lot of work ahead.  We’ve officially started our fundraising efforts to get Harry his service dog.  It can seem daunting at times – we have to raise around $15,000! – but we have a lot of great support and are very motivated.  Some of the first friends I hit up were our good buddies Amanda and Kyle from Jersey Mike’s in Howell.  They’ve basically become family, and have done great things for us in the past.  Not only did they run another fundraising weekend for us, but they got Jersey Mike’s in Freehold and Shivers Ice Cream in Howell to help us out too!  We collected a couple hundred dollars in donations in their store, and we are waiting on the totals from the weekend.  Stay tuned!  We are just so blessed to have great family.  Go visit them and eat a ton of subs (not only are they great people, but their subs are delicious too).

11986539_918123751596298_8749548876219360511_n (1)

We also met Bob Soloman, who wrote a book called Beyond the Laces.  He is local, and did an event at Barnes and Noble in Howell.  Beyond the Laces is a story about a sick boy who has given up hope, but with the help of his favorite player, he learns how to fight again.  I cried like a baby reading the book because I identified with the story, except for the end where the boy gets better.  I was having a moment, feeling that our ending was different, but now I am back to my senses and know that our “ending” can be whatever I want it to be.  Bob was great and we are looking to work together in the future.   You can check out their website here and learn the story.


Finally, at school I met a teacher whose boyfriend is involved in an organization called Five Father’s Charity.  They donate money to children who are in need, and are really amazing people.  We were so blessed to be chosen by them and are eternally grateful for their compassion.  In the brief visit I had with one of the directors, I forgot to take a picture.  Hopefully we can meet up again and I can fix that!

There is so much more cool stuff coming, including another fundraiser at one of my favorite places – Orangetheory Fitness in Marlboro, NJ – next week.  Stay tuned!!

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