Another Cold

Ah, the joys of a child in school – the countless colds he picks up at school are a joy, and it’s even better when he gives them to me!  This week my darling little man acquired some sort of a virus.  Initial testing came back negative for strep, but I have a feeling the next test will come back positive.  I now have a lovely sore throat and the general blahs, but thankfully the man is finally over three days of fevers.

The past couple of days Harry was so sick.  He was spiking fevers in the 102s, which for him makes me nervous as he is medically fragile.  We let him sit on the couch and rest, enjoying the extra time watching movies.  Both Josh and I had to work, as well as Mimi, so it was Pop-pop to the rescue!  Harry really enjoyed the cuddle time with Pop-pop and the movies.  The down side to all of this is that he didn’t do much physical work, and it took its toll on him.  Today he’s feeling better and back to walking, but is very weak and wobbly due to the rest.  The fun part of being a parent to a child with muscular dystrophy is that you’re never really sure if what is lost will come back.  We won’t think like that though.

So thankfully my man is feeling better and I’m not feeling too terrible.  We are gearing up for a week of Christmas festivities – my favorite week of the year.  I’m picking Auntie Sheesh, my sister, up at the airport tomorrow and I simply cannot wait!  I plan on lounging and wearing PJs with her, drinking wine and eating too many cookies, and generally relaxing and enjoying family time with her and the rest of the clan.  It’s the most wonderful time of the year!


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