Yelling SO Loud

Toddlers show us that things can change in the blink of an eye.  Today, Harry and I had an amazing morning.  I asked him (as I do every day) to please not cry when I drop him off at school, and as usual he promised.  This morning he kept his promise!  We sang and danced and when his aide came, he nearly ran to her!  When I picked him up, she said he finally had his energy back.  That was clear because I could hear him announcing his presence before I could see him coming out of his classroom.  Last week he was tired all week, maybe because of vacation and Thanksgiving, so it was nice to see him back to his normal self.

After school we got home and watched a movie – that was Harry’s reward for a nice morning.  He ate his lunch with minimal coaxing, and used the potty before snuggling a bit on the couch.  I had to vacuum, so when the movie was over I did it quickly while Harry cheered me on.  Little did I know that he had also peed a considerable amount, while sitting on the couch waiting for me to vacuum.

The frustrations of potty training make me fly off the handle, but I really try not to yell at him too much because I know it’s a sensitive topic.  Today, I lost it.  We were having a lovely morning and all of a sudden it was ruined.  When I yell, I can’t help but be so loud right in Harry’s face.  I usually startle him to where he jumps and then starts crying, which makes me feel worse.  Here’s my problem with all of this: he never tells me when he has to go, and it drives me bananas.  Also, he had just gone and it was a decent amount.  So I’m yelling at Harry, throwing him on the potty, cleaning him up and his clothes, smoke blowing from my ears.  He is sobbing.  I tell him it’s nap time and he is to lay down, not make a peep, and go to bed.  And that’s just what he did.

I know this is part of parenting, and I know I have to discipline him, but I absolutely hate it.  I hate being the bad guy, I hate being tough on him.  The other day I asked Harry what his favorite part of me was and he said “I don’t know” a couple of times, and then said “You yell a lot. I don’t like that.”.  Knife to my heart.

This too shall pass, right fellow mommies?

One thought on “Yelling SO Loud

  1. Oh girl, when I get mad I do the same thing. I fear how I will handle things with Mary. Rock is always the cool, calm and collected one and knows which battles are worth it. Everything I have read says that boys are a bit tougher with the potty training. But you will get there and then you will someday be able to laugh about this.

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