Perception is Everything

Sometimes, we wake up in the morning ready to conquer the world (and that may or may not work out).  Some days, we struggle right from the moment our eyes open.  Choosing which way you wake up makes a big difference in the events that unfold, but even the best intentions some times don’t work.   Sometimes it feels like life is pouring down on you.  It’s easy to say, “Why me?  Why again?”.  Terrible things happen to good people, bad people, and everyone in between.  We had to fight the “Why me?”s and figure out how to handle the problem.  (Well, sometimes we have to wallow in the why me for a while, then figure it out.)

Angles are really important too – like never take a photo from below, only from above.

Life is good right now because I choose to see the good.  A couple of crappy things in a row really got me down, but there is really so much more to be happy about and dammit, that’s what I’m going to focus on.  There are so many things to be happy about.  My little man is growing in to a big man, and while that comes with its challenges, it also comes with a lot of awesome.  He is so in to Christmas this year.  We saw Santa and he sat right down and told him he was a good boy and wanted “trains and trucks, please.”  He goes around singing Jingle Bells all day long and “trinkling bells”.  It’s incredible, try not to smile around that.




3 thoughts on “Perception is Everything

  1. So cute! My 3yo told me he wanted to see santa so we waited 45 minutes for him to decide he didn’t want to see him anymore. I guess he just wanted to see santa from really far away lol!

  2. Everything you said, couldn’t be more right my friend. But are boys sure are awesome and bring joy to our days, every single day.

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