Just the Man

Life is full of ups and downs.  I live the roller coaster constantly, like we all do.  This is the ultimate privilege of life, and what makes it interesting.  Some days, we don’t know which type we will get on.  Today, I am happy – I climb the hill and happily feel the wind in my hair as we coast to the bottom only to fly upwards again.  Tomorrow, I am scared- the tracks are bumpy and fling me around in my seat as I cling to the safety bar.  When we are stuck on a certain ride, smooth or bumpy or any variation, we are stuck to the end of it.  Then I had a child and I learned I could get off the ride to take a break if I needed.

This is the out that family gives me, and you don’t need a child to know what I’m talking about (although those little turds sure help as a distraction).  When you have family, you can take a step on to solid ground whenever the ride is too much.  These distractions can be family, friends, pets, anything really.  For me, it’s mostly my little man.  It doesn’t matter what type of day I am having, I can always count on the ability to shut myself in with my son and then it’s just the man.  Life, all of it, then becomes just the man.  My little set of blinders!  Life got you down?  Watch with fascination as your child discovers something for the first time.  Or even let them channel your anger as they do something dumb, often repeatedly!

The other day I had it rough, and I was feeling really sorry for myself.  I would love to tell you that I went home and Harry sensed that I was sad and he was really good to me, but he wasn’t.  He had his own rough day.  He struggled in aqua therapy and, although he made improvements, didn’t have a perfect day either.  But you know what?  When I was taking him there, dressing him, encouraging him, scolding him, and doing all the things required of me as a parent, there was nothing else.  Nothing.  I didn’t even look at my phone the entire time, I just drank it all in, the good and the bad.  Find your distraction and use it to its fullest.  Mine looks really cute with tan lines and a bathing suit, even if I’ve just finished yelling at him for defying me.



2 thoughts on “Just the Man

  1. isn’t that part of the deal with having kids. You can be yelling at them and they look so stinking cute while your doing it you lose train of thought, I think mine knows it too and uses it to his advantage. Sorry you had a rough day and hope it gets better!

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