Rainy Days and Feeling Down

Today I woke up early to some warmth and some rain.  I went to the gym with my friend and had a great workout.  I was reminded of a picture of Harry as a one year old, and it made me smile.  But today, I’m feeling a bit down.  Sometimes it just happens for no reason.  I try to put happiness and love out to the universe, but sometimes we need the sad too.  Did anyone see Inside Out?  There’s a poignant scene illustrating just that thought.

Yesterday I saw a New York Times article about my friend James (who runs Jar of Hope) whose adorable son, Jamesy, has Duchenne muscular dystrophy.  Along with it there was a video of him and his wife talking about when they first heard his diagnosis.  His wife, tears in her eyes, described going through her weekend planning for her and her family to end their lives to escape the horrific sentence of watching this little boy slowly die.  On Monday morning, James was ready to fight and helped her change her mind, thankfully.  I couldn’t shake that thought.  Sometimes life seems so terribly, horribly unfair and quitting seems like the answer.  I’ve been in that mindset – not to the same degree, but I recognize the thought.  It broke my heart and I wanted to hug her.

Today I watched videos and read the blog of singer Joey Fleek who went home on hospice to spend time with her family, including her one year old daughter, as she has ceased treatment of her stage IV cervical cancer.  I wept tears of sorrow and anger for this woman and her family.  Once full of life, this disease has taken everything from her.  How they have positivity in their lives, I do not know.

I certainly don’t mean to bring everyone down, but I promised a long time ago to keep it real here.  Life has sadness in it sometimes, and on occasion it’s pretty significant sadness.  Sometimes it shakes you to your core.  Sometimes you cry and you can move on.  There is lots and lots of good in my life, and I’m certainly not forgetting it, I just have to be sad sometimes.  We all do.

One thought on “Rainy Days and Feeling Down

  1. This is a very brave post. Sometimes we all feel down and sadness isn’t something to be ashamed of. I suffer at times from SAD and it embarrasses me and I can’t fully explain it to others as it is my job to hide it and be the happy coach, and mom, and wife. And sometimes the stress of life hits is hard. Last week I had a horribly rough day and I ran to escape it. I sobbed as I did laps around the track. I came home in a better mindset but man it was hard. Wonderful post my friend.

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