Running for a Charity

As most of you know (because I’ve been shouting it from the rooftops every chance I get), I recently ran the Marine Corps Marathon with the MDA’s Team Momentum.  I had run Philly’s Love Run in March unofficially for Team Momentum, as it wasn’t one of their official races.  Marine Corps was an official event for them, so beyond my Harry’s Heroes team, there were dozens of other runners in both the 10k and marathon running for them.  It was really nice to have a big group, even though this is one of their smaller groups compared to others like Chicago.

Through this first official event, I learned a lot about running for a charity.  I learned about fundraising minimums – and even though they can put you off, they’re really for encouragement and that bit of push you need to make an impact.  I learned that running in a group is full of support and love, but you always have to remember that those 26.2 miles you need to run with your own power!  Training is lonely at times, it’s a plus to be close to other team mates who you can run with!

Race weekend was stressful because everyone is worried about marathon day.  The night before the race we had a champions dinner, and I was honored with a new award called the Hero Award, named after my amazing team.  We have raised a ton of money and I was glad to accept the honor, but on their behalf.  I would be nothing without my team!

I would highly recommend running at least once with a charity.  You can pick a cause that’s close to your heart, or learn and become passionate about something new to you.  You are bound to gain support (like training plans, gear info, and fuel advice), motivation (through the stories of those around you), and a full heart from giving it your all!

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