Some Back Pain Relief

Running and I have been fighting a little lately.  I’ve had a lot of success, followed by a wall where everything comes to a screeching halt.  A couple of weeks ago I set out for 18 and at 9 I had to lay down.  My ankle gave up and my back was killing me.  Solution: go see a podiatrist.  He recommends Dr. Scholls inserts to help lift my flat feet.  I tried them and felt some improvement.

One of my best friends Kristen insisted that I come try another long run with her, and I happily obliged.  If you remember, I trained almost solely with her for the half marathon we did in March, with lots of success.  We helped keep each other accountable, she doesn’t mind slowing down (bless her heart) to a painfully slow pace for me, and we get to chat and catch up.  It’s a win-win.  We picked a nice day in the afternoon and I ate clean and bland in the morning.

Overall, the run actually was a success.  It was hot for the first couple of miles, but then it slowed down.  My orthotics helped a bit and my ankle didn’t feel like it was going to break (a marked improvement).  My stomach never hurt, and I didn’t have any emergencies!  I fueled with a peanut butter and banana sandwich on plain whole grain white bread 90 minutes before, and brought with me a BCAA, carb, and electrolyte drink, honey stingers with ginseng, and water.  It all worked out great.  I broke it up into 5 mile sections in my head.  At 5 miles we stretched and filled up our water bottles, at 10 I stretched even more.  Most of the way I hit an easy 11:00 minute mile without much effort.  I felt conversational and only had pockets of fatigue.  My legs hurt, but that’s expected.

Then we stopped to wait for a traffic light just past 13 miles, and I pulled up limping at the walk.  What had happened? My back started to tighten, and so did my legs.  I tried to stretch but didn’t have much luck.  Kristen urged me on, and I really struggled.  At 14.5 miles, I feel apart.  My back pain turned into shooting pain down my leg, and the tears started.  I swear training for a marathon has made me cry more than most things in my life!  I walked to 16 and got my second ride home from a failed long run.  I was hopeless.  I got back to Kristen’s house and noticed my shoe was filled with blood – perfect.  Thankfully it wasn’t a long toenail, but my nail must have torn because a tiny little jagged edge was cutting the adjacent toe.  After I peeled off my shoe, I sat down for a while and recovered.

I reached out to facebook friends and eventually met an Active Release certified Chiropractor, who squeezed me in same day.  Basically it’s massage with some release techniques to free up locked muscles/tendons/ligaments, get rid of scar tissue in muscle, and help correct imbalances.  The visit was interesting!  We started off with heat and ultrasound to loosen my back.  Here comes the interesting part – we then proceeded to dance through the rest of the visit, meaning the doctor put me through different positions and movements to facilitate the release.  It hurt like a good, deep stretch and afterwards I felt like I had gone to the gym.

So, I am hopeful.  Today I will get some xrays and tomorrow I’ll go back.  My back hurts where my old injury is, but my muscles don’t ache.  I slept alright last night.  We shall see!  As for running, I am aiming for a long run later in the week with my hubby on bike for support, but the rain coming in from hurricane Joaquin may postpone that.  I am going to try running 10 miles then doing run/walk intervals after that.  I just want to finish!  Send some positivity, friends!


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