First Day of Preschool!

I can’t believe this day is finally here!!  I have been dreading the first day of school for quite some time, and it really snuck up on me.  Of course I couldn’t sleep the night before, then in the morning instead of pressing snooze I turned my alarm off, so we had to hustle a little.  I forgot his backpack, Josh had to meet us at school with it, but all the chaos was a welcome distraction.

All too soon his teacher and aide met us at the front desk and it was time to let him go.  Harry had other ideas – he clung on to my leg for the first time ever.  I’m sure he sensed my anxiety.  I introduced myself to Harry’s aid and asked if they needed any information about Harry, or needed me to go back. “No, we’re okay,” his teacher calmly told me, as she extricated my son from my thigh.  I thought about any questions I had, came up with nothing, and sent them on their way.  It took a little coaxing, but he did walk away slowly toward his class room.

I ran out fast and opted to go for a quick run to distract myself.  I did 4 miles, fast, in the heat on the boardwalk and was a disgusting sweaty mess.  I ran straight into the ocean with all of my clothes on (thank goodness I had a change with me!).  It felt amazing.  I successfully ate up the short 2.5 hours of school time, even with a coffee run, and made it back to see my little man shuffling up the hallway yelling, “MAMA!!”  I gave him a squishy hug and kiss.

On the way out to the parking lot, I was hugging and kissing him (which he loved) and was telling him how good he smelled.  He smelled like women’s perfume, which meant the ladies were hugging him all day.  I can’t blame them, he’s irresistible.  As we were talking, a car came up next to us and all the windows rolled down to reveal his teacher and aides.  A chorus of “HIIIII HARRRYYY!!” rang out from inside the car.  Harry giggled and said hi.  I promptly told them that we had just been discussing how he smells deliciously like perfume, so their secret was out.  The ladies cracked up and told Harry they couldn’t wait to see him tomorrow.  The man strikes again!  Ladies swooning!

All in all, as far as preschool goes it’s been great so far.  He’s been going to bed on time, waking up rested, and generally happy.  He won’t tell me what he did in school, though.  When I ask him, he usually laughs then tells me what snack he ate.  Today was day two, so according to Harry’s he’s eaten crackers and pretzels at preschool and done not much else!  Food is important, I get it.  I’m so excited about what preschool brings for Harry.  I love his teacher, I love the aides, everything seems awesome right now.  Weeee!

School1 School2 School3

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