Part Two!


Part two of our Michigan adventure included visiting with some of Josh’s friends on the eastern side of the state.  I was happy to go back and visit friends we had stayed with last time and their four kids.  Harry had met their three boys last time we visited and he was instantly obsessed with them.  Since we were only in briefly, he didn’t get too much time to play.  This time we had much more playtime and it was really great!  Their boys are kind and wonderful and gave Harry so much attention.  We had a beautiful blue race car birthday cake, some nights out by the fire (it dipped down to 50 degrees one night and I froze!), some good beer and some great conversation.  I’m also in love with their three dogs, but one in particular has my heart.  Samson, aka Boo Boo, is the best dog!  I was happy to cuddle with him while the boys entertained Harry.  It was great.

Boo Boo!

Boo Boo!


We were able to take in some sights of Michigan this time around and I was so happy to venture out a little and taste some delicious treats.  We visited a cider mill and it blew my mind!  I thought I had tried delicious cider in New Jersey, but this was amazing.  Add in a cider donut and I’m in heaven.  Michigan has I think around 50 breweries, and I think we visited 4 total.  Harry really likes the big silver machines that hold the beer while it’s fermenting.20150829_125937


For our last night we went to another friends’ house a little north from where we were.  The area was beautiful and rural.  These friends had just come out to visit us on a weekend trip to New York, so it was nice to spend a little more time with them and their adorable kids.  They set up a big train set for Harry and he was in heaven.  He just loves to play with kids that are a little older than him!  They also introduced him to the next step in kids’ cartoons, which honestly was a welcome break from the same old stuff we watch every day!  It was nice to see their new house and all the hard work they’ve put in to it.  Boy can I relate!  It feels like it’s never ending.  Everyone came over and we stayed up late playing card games and board games.  I promise that I will learn how to play Euchre before the next visit, and I also promise that I will lighten up and not yell so much during board games.  It’s a curse to be this competitive!




All too soon it was time to go.  We had a nice breakfast with our friends then shipped out to Pittsburgh for the evening.  In total it took us 8 hours from their house to our hotel room, mostly because we had to stop for two meals.  We ate dinner across the street from our hotel at this little chain restaurant called Eat N Park.  I had never heard of it before and was skeptical, but Josh read the menu and saw a salad I would like.  (I desperately needed greens after all the crap I ate on our trip)  I was pleasantly surprised to find a fresh soup, salad, and fruit bar that featured all local veggies!  Everything was fresh and delicious.  We all ate well and headed back to the hotel.  Harry enjoyed another night in a jacuzzi tub like the king he is.


Now, we are almost home and I am dreading the mountain of laundry and cleaning I’ll have to do!  Hubby is driving while I mobile office from the front seat, doing my daily networking, fundraiser set up, appointment scheduling, and more.  We will miss everyone so much, we had such a nice relaxing trip.  Thank you to everyone who made this vacation so great.  Adios, Michigan, until next time!

My favorite part of Michigan.

My favorite part of Michigan.

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