One Sweaty Fundraiser!

This past week, Harry’s Heroes held a fundraiser at Orange Theory Fitness in Marlboro, New Jersey.  One of our founding members, Liz, works out there and just loves the gym, so it was fitting to try and get their support.  What started with her simply asking if they would be interested in helping us out, turned into an amazing fundraiser.  They held a donation based class on a Friday night where there normally wouldn’t be a class.  Everyone who came in worked completely for free – they donated 100% of the proceeds to us!  With a max of 39 participants, we ended up with 22 people taking an hour class.  It was absolutely incredible.


Liz and I spent the three days leading up to the event sitting at the gym around busy class times.  We set up a table in their lobby with information, tee shirts for sale, and some candy.  We were able to talk to some members and give them information on our cause, which is really what it’s all about.  Many people dropped money in our donation bin, and everyone was friendly.  The staff at Orange Theory in Marlboro is exceptional – they made it their mission to champion our cause.  The trainers spoke about our cause at the end of each class, and encouraged people to support and find out more information.  Every time Harry came to visit, the entire building made him feel like a superstar.  The staff made him happy by giving him toys to play with.  He was in heaven!

20150821_170254 20150821_173753


The day before the fundraiser I took a class and got my butt kicked!  I really needed a good workout as my runs lately have been huge failures.  The workout is full body, heart rate based, and incorporates intervals.  Your heart rate is monitored, and the goal is to spend some time in the “orange zone”, where your heart rate is high enough that you’re fat burning.  Getting a good spread of varying heart rates helps you burn calories after your workout. You work part of the time on a treadmill, part on a rower, and part is strength training.  I really enjoyed the classes I took.  Harry watched the first class with Dada intently, dancing in the window to the good songs.  He cheered us all on for the second, and loved watching everyone work hard.

20150821_194724 IMG_0209 IMG_0212 IMG_0213 IMG_0217

Through Harry’s Heroes I have met some incredible people that I now consider friends.  They are champions of our cause not because it’s a tax write off, but because they believe in it through meeting Harry and hearing our story.  Alan, Paul, and their entire staff are now our heroes.  If you live in the area, I would highly recommend trying a class out.  It’s a challenge, but that’s the point!  You also want a gym where you feel like family, and I’m blessed to have that not only in my home gym of CKO but now also at Orange Theory.


2 thoughts on “One Sweaty Fundraiser!

  1. This is so awesome. I love that they were so great to all of you. I have been considering going to a class. One just opened up near us. I bet I could get Rock to come with me (oh my gosh, I still haven’t gotten used to the fact that it isn’t just the two of us anymore!). So glad this was a success. How is it that Harry always has the BEST shoes?!

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