Things are Happening

We are living in an exciting time right now.  Last year, the ALS Ice Bucket challenge raise $115 million in two months for a disease that did not have enough funding.  It was just released today that those funds helped fuel research on a particular protein that scientists have always suspected was responsible in some way for the decline that ALS patients endure.  With these new funds, they were able to do the research and realize this protein is actually fixable.  This could possibly lead to treatments or a cure.

There are more treatment possibilities on the horizon.  At a Team Momentum fundraising clinic, someone shared that more drugs are expected to be in development in the next 5 years than in the previous 5 decades.  This is HUGE.  We NEED treatments.  There is no hope for change without it.  To find treatments, there needs to be research.  For research to happen, grants need to be given.  For grants to be available, fundraising needs to happen.  That’s it’s, plain and simple.

I know this seems terribly simple, but if you at all participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge, you actually made a difference.  Sometimes it’s easy to write off your support, to say things like “I’m only one person”.  But I need you to be that person, and make a difference however small it might be.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you.  My child doesn’t have ALS, but he has something that shares many similarities and he will benefit from research.  I have a soft spot in my heart for anyone who suffers from any type of muscle disease, and ALS is under that umbrella.  So thank you, thank you, thank you.


One thought on “Things are Happening

  1. What a cutie. Isn’t that the best news to hear about the progress that is being made and what an awesome impact the Ice Bucket Challenge made? I saw a friend comment last year on Facebook that she was going to start deleting friends who kept posting those videos last year. She said it right after I posted mine and I was appalled. She is a doctor! If anything, it worked wonders for spreading awareness. Great post Gloria! You are a great mom and a wonderful ambassador.

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