The Bad Runs

Friends, I am seriously overdue for a set of good runs.  I can’t explain to you just how bad everything in that department has been going.  First, it started with a large hematoma on my left shin, which is finally feeling a little better.  Next, I broke my right pinky toe.  Nothing major, just another annoyance.  Because of those injuries I took two weeks where I cut down on my short runs and focused on my long runs.  This strategy helped me heal but derailed my training.  I had a long run where I completely fell apart and had to walk.

I’m also having shoe problems, which is awful because I currently do not have in my possession shoes I can comfortably run in.  I have two old pairs from half marathon training that are toast, and a new pair which I properly broke in that proceeded to break me on my last long run.  I have another pair ordered on its way but I’ll have to break them in too.  Ugh!

Oh and let’s add in more – it’s been super disgustingly humid.  I do not mind the heat but I cannot run long distances in soupy, humid weather.  Honestly I’d take the heat over the cold any day, though.  Finally, I have this weird GI bug going on that’s proving challenging during runs.  Anything over 3 miles sends me sprinting to the bathroom.  All in all, it’s been a fun couple of weeks.

So let’s say that I paid my dues to the marathon gods and I’m ready for some good ju-ju to come my way, shall we?  In the mean time, I will keep trucking on.  I will add my short runs back in, and that will break in my shoes and help my long runs.  I will stop whining and remember that it’s a blessing that I can run, and I should run simply because I can.  I will stop stopping, unless of course it’s to prevent an accident, if you catch my drift.

On the plus side, this morning I ran with a few friends who are also team members.  It was nice to catch up but I fell apart 4 miles in.  They ran ahead and I lost them up over a hill.  When I got to the top of the hill, they were stopped not far ahead and I couldn’t figure out why.  As I got closer I picked up the pace – they had stopped because they found TWO BABY PIGS on the side of the road.  We of course stopped and rolled around in the grass with these sweet piggies.  Their mom came out and I was a little embarrassed to be caught kissing these piggies, but she was so sweet and brought out strawberries for us to feed them.  What a nice distraction to an otherwise awful run!

Keep on trucking, friends.  It’s bound to get better soon!


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