I passed!

Hiatus over, I can breathe again – I passed my boards and now am a licensed Registered Nurse!  This has been such a wild ride.  I feel like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  I have so much to catch you all up on!  Hopefully now I can get back to regular posting, I’ve really missed it.

The boards were rough.  I scheduled my test time for noon so I could have the morning to get situated.  I had to go all the way to Princeton, a little under an hour away from my house.  I headed in that direction in the morning and passed by the test center, then made my way into town.  Just like the SATs, there wasn’t any last minute cramming I could do, so I spent the morning relaxing and getting in the right mind set.  I found a hole in the wall nail salon, by the suggestion of my friend who had taken and passed her boards the week before, and settled in for a long overdue pedicure.  This little place surprised me and I got the best pedi I ever had while chatting with some friends and then my sister.  I even got a back rub while my toes were drying!  I went further into town and enjoyed a breakfast sandwich and a fancy coffee, and head back to the testing center.  The center it was in reminded me of a vacation village, so I tried to forget the task at hand and pretend I was anywhere but there.

Everything went smoothly and I was allowed to take my test earlier than my scheduled time.  I sat down at the huge computer, took  deep breath, and began my test.  The questions kept coming, and I panicked as I continued.  This was the hardest test I have ever taken, and I ended convinced I had failed.  I had to talk myself out of walking to the bar, conveniently located across the street from the center.  Instead I ended up at Whole Foods with a bag of cookies (which I promptly finished).  I had to wait two days for my results!  Talk about torture!

Thankfully, it’s all over and I don’t have to do it ever again!!  I still need to get a job, and I’m still wrapping up summer classes, but I feel like the hard part is over.  So here I am, taking a deep breath and celebrating my accomplishment.  Yay!  Here are some summer fun pictures from while I was away.  While I was waiting for my results, I was distracted by some school buddies at my friend’s beach club, and also at a bonfire on the beach with another friend. I tried to enjoy myself and help the time pass!




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