Going a Little Crazy

I have so much to blog about.  I’m sorry for abandoning you all, but it has just been nuts over here.  All winter we are dying for something fun to do, then the warm weather hits and there’s something on the schedule every day!  Between fun stuff, Harry’s therapy, marathon training, school, and studying for my boards (which are next week!) I have been burning the candle at both ends.  I’m also working on the non profit!  The word “busy” doesn’t cover it.

Let’s talk a little about Harry.  He is doing really well, and seems to be growing and developing every day.  He’s a chatter box, and loves to tell you stories or blabber on about whatever is on his mind.  He loves to sing, with his favorites being “Happy” and “Mama’s Song” aka “Love me Like you do”.  He seems to be getting stronger, and is progressing in therapy.  We have been trying to get him in the pool more often, and that seems to be doing wonders!  He is starting to really like it and is trying really hard.  He’ll push things away, scoop up toys, kick his legs and splash, and have a good time.  It helps that it’s been really hot out and he’s not shivering in the pool!

Marathon training has been going well, despite my injury last week.  I took an entire day and a half basically off my feet, and although I’ve been super sore since then, I’m not in an real pain.  I’ve added an extra rest day and that is helping.  It’s been very humid, so I’ve been doing every run on the boards and jumping in to the ocean after my run.  That cools me off and makes me happy.  There’s something about saltwater that cures me.  Speaking of, my sister sent me this E.E. Cummings quote and I think it will be my next tattoo.


I haven’t gotten much faster, but I haven’t really been doing much speed work.  I intend on working harder on that as the training goes on.  My long runs have been getting better though, and I finally feel good slowing down and enjoying the long run.  Today on a short run I listened to an audio book for the first time, which was new and interesting.  I had been a little tired of listening to music, so this was a nice change.  After a couple of chapters, I splashed into the ocean.  Enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean and then a bright white belly picture of me!


We’ve been having a lot of fun this summer visiting friends and going to fun events.  We visited our firemen friends at Pleasant Plains FD for their annual chicken BBQ.  The guys were wonderful and even gave Harry a special firetruck, which was a replica of one of their antiques.  I suspect it was a collectible but we promptly opened it to play with it.  We saw our friend Amanda, the chief, and the assistant chief.  We ate watermelon, which is Harry’s favorite.  Of course he loved the firetruck rides the most!


We also had a lot of fun with Harry’s very first babysitter, Sam.  She left us to start her own yoga studio, and we were and still are so proud of her.  Her studio is very successful and she is great at what she does.  Her studio is called Bodhi Movement – check it out!  They are currently in their second round of teacher training, and are turning out some really great instructors.  They offered to do a couple of weeks of donation classes for Harry’s Heroes!  We attended the first class on Sunday and I remembered how much I love yoga.  Taking yoga classes was something that was easy to get rid of when I got busy with Harry, with school, and with life.  I will try to practice more because I left feeling so great.

I’ve also been trying to vary my training, and I completed my very first biathlon!!  It was a 2 mile run (probably more like 1.75 miles because I finished that around 13 minutes and I’m not that fast) and a 400m swim in the ocean.  That ocean swim was rough.  But I finished!  23:45 total, 14th woman overall, 2nd in my age group.  It was exhilarating!  Harry liked the trophy.


Alright friends behave for the next week because I’m signing off until then.

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