Breathe in that Mountain Air

Oh, friends.  If I had written this blog post this morning, how different (and by different, I mean aggressive) it would be.  I don’t know how much I should get in to it, this being a public “place” and all, so I’ll just give you an overview.  We are continuing our preschool evaluations and I am not a happy mama.  What I do not understand is why a child with a physical disability needs to be assessed cognitively, socially, and in speech.  I almost find it insulting.  I find myself posing the question, “Would a child with a spinal cord injury go through the same process?  An amputation?  Any other traumatic injury leaving them disabled?”  I feel like the answer is no – it would be ludicrous to assess that child’s cognitive development, because their injury would not have effected it. Harry is the same as any of these examples.  He has a physical disability.  When people say things like, “Wow his speech is really clear”, or “Incredible, he’s such a social boy”, I want to say DUH!! (Actually I want to say F YEAH because there’s NOTHING WRONG WITH THOSE PARTS OF HIM)  So. Frustrating.

Do not get me wrong, I am not badmouthing any school or professional.  I know everyone has a job to do, everyone has a policy to follow and questions to ask.  I’m upset at the process.  Why is muscular dystrophy so shocking to people?   It’s not MS, CP, or any other abbreviation you’ve heard of.  It is a problem with the proteins in muscles, and each type has a different muscle involved, and a different process.  Basically, they can’t build muscle the way you and I can.  But children with muscular dystrophy can laugh, tell jokes, sing songs, count and recite their ABCs, socially interact with other children, and do all of the things that “normal” kids can do.  They can do the physical stuff too, just differently.

Anyway, my mom and I took Harry up to HITS, a big horse show up in Saugerties, NY.  It’s way upstate NY in the mountains, and I am going to take advantage and breathe in that clear mountain air, and breathe out the negative.  I love it up here, but only when it’s warm.  I bet it get cooooold in the winter!  The mountains are absolutely beautiful, and the show grounds are stunning.  My barn is up here all week and I’m excited to see everyone ride, they’ve been doing well all week.   Harry loves to watch the horses, as well as pet them and feed them treats.  Everyone loves Harry so it’s a fun time.  We didn’t get to go last year, but the year before that I took a 10 month old peanut up for a couple of days to watch his Uncle Rusty and some friends show.  It was Rusty’s first show and he killed it!  We had a great time despite one day reaching over 100°, and having the AC in our attic room in a B&B break.  Harry kept cool by swimming in a horse bucket.  He was the cutest thing there, that’s for sure.

1073210_10100839481189950_2018123155_o 1077210_10100839481978370_1641893304_o

I’ll have you all know that I intended to write more, but now I have to go to bed.  Looking for these pictures I got stuck for a solid 45 minutes melting at pictures of Harry around this age.  Somewhere around 8 months up to a year was my absolute favorite age.   He was happy ALLLLL the time and just this cute little round nugget.  I want to bite him in every photo.  More tomorrow!

One thought on “Breathe in that Mountain Air

  1. Enjoy that mountain air. People are somewhat ignorant and when I chatted with my mom (a retired teacher) she said that unfortunately for any kind of disability they have to evaluate everything in order to get the funding. It is an all or nothing. I’m still amazed by how many intelligent people confused MD and MS. Education is key!

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