My First Injury!

Doing a mud run during marathon training wasn’t the brightest idea I’ve ever had, but this run is a good one.  I’ve participated in it many times since its start in New Jersey.  The Rugged Maniac has improved over the years, as have I.  The first year I did it with my good friends who had to slow down considerably for me.  I was out of shape, just on the start of my journey to getting health and wellness.  Over the next couple of years, I improved dramatically in my performance.  Last year I felt so strong and powerful, and ran back to finish with some of my team members.IMG_9221

This year I feel the strongest I’ve ever felt, and I woke up ready to kill the course.  I was running with the same team as last year and was excited to have some fun.  We met up and they quickly convinced me and two of the younger guys to take off and go faster, and I obliged.  Before I knew it, we were off.  The first mile was mostly running with some armpit deep mud in the middle.  I felt fast, and I quickly moved from the back of the wave to the front.  Mile 2 was hot, dry, and full of tall obstacles.  I continued my flow and couldn’t contain my smile, I was rocking and rolling!


Half way in to mile 3, we hit a new obstacle.  You had to drop down into a deep hole filled with mud and climb through a tunnel filled with thick mud.  When I exited the tunnel, my lower half was heavy with mud.  I jogged to the next obstacle, spurred on by a volunteer commenting “No one runs after this obstacle!”  When I approached the familiar “Frog Hop”, I felt uneasy.  This obstacle is a floating bridge, broken up in to pieces.  The tops were not smooth and clear as in this picture, but caked in mud.

rugged-maniac-obstacle-frog-hop-2Instead of taking it slow, I attempted to fly gracefully as this woman is so beautifully depicting.  Needless to say, my shin and the bridge met with incredible force.  I had to lift myself from the mucky water using my arms and attempt to hobble to the next obstacle.  Instantly my leg blew up with a tennis ball sized egg.  As I limped down the course, unable to put much weight on my leg, I was passed by countless people who said nothing.  I had stopped many times to give a hand to people before this, where were all my helpers?  One guy said to me, “Come on, mama, you can do it!”  To which I replied, “No actually, I can’t”.  No one stopped.  I saw my husband and waved him down and it took us another few minutes to find the medic.

I can’t explain just how painful this injury was, it was unbelievable!  My leg throbbed and I had to lay down.  They cleaned me up and wrapped my leg in ice.  I ended up going to the ED to get an x-ray just to make sure it was only a hematoma (thankfully it was).  No fun!


Thankfully everything was okay, and I was able to use RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) Sunday and Monday to feel better now.  My husband, mom, and dad came to the rescue helping with Harry and the house and now I can walk again.  I even shook out two miles this morning!  The moral of this story, however, is that I might have just done my retirement mud run.  (At least during marathon training!)

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