Take a Vacation Run

Around the corner from me is the Manasquan Reservoir.  It’s a beauitful 5 mile loop in a mostly wooded area.  It’s well maintained, safe, and a nice place to run.  Last year when I was a new, struggling runner, I put many a loop from the reservoir on my weekly miles.  The run has its advantages; it’s close to my house, for starters.  But it also has disadvantages. If you take it in the recommended direction, the last mile has a wicked hill. There’s also a sunny stretch at mile 1.5 and 2.5 that can get blazing hot.  Then, there’s the joy of repetition.  I have struggled with many a mile in that loop, and I’m officially done with running it.

This year I’ve discovered the beauty of the boards, or the boardwalk run for you non New Jerseyans.  I don’t know why I shied away from the boards last year – maybe it was fear of running in public, who knows.  (Actually that was probably it)  I was also put off by running in a linear fashion, rather than a loop.


I’ve now grown to love running on the boards.  The ocean is a beautiful place to run, and the boards are comfortable.  I vary the towns I run in, but often end up on the same route.  Every time I venture in to a new town, it feels new and different.  Today I wandered off the boards and into the beautiful town of Spring Lake.  It felt like a vacation run!  Everything was pristine and smelled clean.  It felt like a resort with smells I wasn’t familiar with.   It was invigorating and pepped my step where I really needed a boost (damn humidity killed me today!).


So go out and enjoy a new place or a new activity for that matter.  Tomorrow I’m going to an open ocean swim to change things up a bit.  Training for anything, especially a marathon, can get so boring and repetitive.  Variety is the spice of life!


3 thoughts on “Take a Vacation Run

  1. Great post! We love running in new places. When we trained for a marathon one spring we did different rail trails all over. Two were in New Jersey and we LOVED them. One followed the Saddle River and the other is just north of Mahwah and is exactly 20 miles out and back. It was so great to see new scenery. It’s one of my favorite parts about running.

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