Happy 4th my Friends!


Dear friends (and family),

I hope you had a great 4th of July!  I wrote this blog in my head on my 5 mile race this morning with some great friends.  I really have some amazing friends that allow my life to continue happily and I don’t thank them enough.  I have friends who come do races with me and wear our logo and strut their stuff and kick ass, and they make my world go round.  I have friends who slow down considerably, just to help me get through my long run even though it’s painful for them.  A lot of my friends don’t run, but they let me talk on and on about it and never ask me to shut up.  Some of my friends accompany me to the beach or come over for drinks and let me talk and talk and talk about Harry, doctors, therapy, and all my woes without ever complaining.  Often I talk to friends on the phone who are dealing with their own issues, and they still ask me how my life is.  Recently I got a card in the mail from a friend thanking me for motivating them to get running, but it’s really the other way around.  My friends and my family are my heartbeat, my soul, my spirit, and everything that keeps me going.  They include Harry in everything and try to make him feel special without feeling different.  I don’t know how I was blessed to be surrounded by such a group, but I count my lucky stars every day.

My social media family allow me to post a million photos of Harry every day.  In addition I post countless blog entries, articles about MD, and all of the many fundraising things I’m doing.  They even donate too!  Often I feel like I should apologize for how much I post, but my friends always encourage whatever makes me feel good.  You should do the same too – whatever makes you feel good, especially on social media.  Don’t apologize for spreading love and happiness.  Share your pictures and stories about your kids, your pets, your family, the great meal you just ate.  I love it.

So here’s one of many thank yous that I’m putting out into the universe.  Thank you, my loves.  You make my world go round, and I’ll try in every way to share that love and support right back at you.

Today’s five mile was pretty great, I think my time was just under 48 minutes.  I’m not winning any awards for a 9:20 pace but I’ll take it.  My buddies Suzi and Charlie kicked ass too, and we all had a great run coming in under an hour.  Of course as we were waiting around for the race to start it was overcast and beautifully cool.  I feel like as we crossed the finish line the sun came out and I sweat into my eye balls the entire sunny, hilly run.  I am still struggling to enjoy the run, but I’m getting better at it.  The hills are getting a tad easier too.  All with time and practice!

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th and got some time to relax.  The weather here was kind of crappy but tomorrow might be better!  Enjoy!

One thought on “Happy 4th my Friends!

  1. So glad you had a great run and happy 4th. BTW, most of us live for Harry photos …. great part of my day. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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