The Philly Zoo

Yesterday was a long, long day but a good one nonetheless.  Our appointment from earlier in the month was moved to the end for fear of the genetic testing results not being received in time (which was not the case).  Because the appointment had to be moved, we were stuck with a later time of 2:45pm.  Anyone who knows my little man knows that between 1 and 4pm (or sometimes 5) is reserved for napping, but we gave it a go anyway.  Hubs took a day off of work and we set out in the morning to the zoo.20150630_10372120150630_104548

I love zoos, and I love the Philly Zoo.  Albeit expensive, and the food isn’t too great, it really is a nice day.  The exhibits are well maintained and the animals have a lot of enrichment, like chutes and climbs they can explore that go in to different areas.  Everyone is really friendly, and of course all Harry really cares about is the train he can ride.  He does, however, love the movie The Lion King, so naturally we had to look for him.  While we found a lot of lion queens, no king was to be found.  We did have a great moment with a tiger and a baby orangutan and his daddy.  I don’t know if any of you remember, but Harry took the initiative last year and walked on his own toward the tigers and the train.  It was the first time he took off on his own without coaching.  We love that zoo!



We also did the Lorikeet Encounter, which was closed the last time we were there and I was so bummed.  It’s $3 per person, and you go in with a tour guide in to their enclosure and get to feed nectar in tiny cups to these sweet birds.  They don’t land on you, they just come up to a perch and drink.  It’s amazing.  Harry was in silent awe.  He was quiet, moved slow, and watched all of the birds around him.  With some help from Dada he was able to feed the birds!


We also visited their Kids Zoo where you can go in with the goats and sheep.  Harry went around petting the goats, and we visited one named Polly who promptly knocked him over.  Polly wasn’t having it, and Harry cried for a while, so we sat until he was calm and then pet all of the goats (minus Polly who had taken off to sulk) until Harry was having fun again.


We also had a multi disciplinary appointment at CHOP, but I’ll save that for the next blog post!


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