I Lift Things Up and Put Them Down

These past two weeks I’ve been unable to touch my toes.  That’s been fun and interesting.  When I was really hurting I stepped back from the gym a bit, but running still felt fine, I just took it easy.  I have an old back injury that hasn’t flared up this bad in a long time, mostly because I avoid activities that bother it (like horseback riding, booooo).

Unfortunately, I spend most of my time lifting my son up and down and all around.  He only weighs 24 pounds, but often it’s dead weight.  He’s getting better at sitting up, but for mostly everything else I have to help him.  I recently discussed this with my poor husband.  I say poor husband because what I said to him was: “We need to buy Harry a new bed”.  Poor man, I’m always spending money!  The problem is, Harry’s amazing red race car bed is very very low to the ground, and his crib mattress is sunken in to it.  This presents two problems: he can’t get himself out without help, and I break myself trying to get him out of bed.  My woodworker husband is contemplating making him a low twin bed, how cool!

With all of this lifting you’d think I would have amazing guns.  There’s nothing but flab in those arms!  Maybe to get some arm muscle out of this I should press Harry over my head every time I lift him.

On another note, I’ve worked really hard to get our new website off the ground.  Check it out!  I have a lot of work to do still, but I think it looks great.


One thought on “I Lift Things Up and Put Them Down

  1. What a cutie pie!! I think all moms deserve perfectly toned arms for all the lifting we do!! 🙂 this made me smile! Thank you for sharing these lovely experiences with your boy!!

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