My Little Rock Star

My little man continues to impress me.  Today we had to visit the cardiologist because Emery-Dreifuss has a cardiac component which may cause arrythmias.  We need to be on top of his function and the electrical component of his heart.  I absolutely love our cardiologist and I was happy to see her again.  We went through a brief recap, and spoke about the future and how we would plan to meet yearly unless problems arose.  As we chatted, Harry put on a show for the doctor, running back and forth with his “cape” (aka his hospital gown) blowing in the breeze behind him.  I tried to quiet him down, but he was having too much fun entertaining the doctor.


The exam went off without a hitch.  Harry is healthy despite his muscular dystrophy and his low weight.  His EKG was great, which shows a brief period of time the rhythm of the electricity in his heart.  We went on to get an echocardiogram, which is an ultrasound of the heart.  The same technician who did our initial echo was there!  I told her how nice it was to see her.  The echo we had a while back was a scary experience because we didn’t know what it would show.  It was also our first “procedure” and I wasn’t sure how Harry would act.  The technician was wonderful, and Harry nearly fell asleep during the process.  This time was no different.  Harry was immediately at ease and sat perfectly still for the 15 or 20 minutes she prodded.  He happily watched television and occasionally chatted with us like we were all hanging out.  He even helped a little at the end.  What a great experience.


Harry’s EKG and echo were normal and showed no changes from his last.  We have to keep a close eye on him, but all is good right now.  We did need to have him do a Holter study, which means wearing a monitor for 24 hours to get a longer picture than the EKG in the office provides.  I was concerned that he wouldn’t wear the monitor, but the doctor suggested calling it a phone and telling him how cool it is to have his own phone like Mommy and Daddy.  It worked like a charm!  I rigged the transmitter to attach to his belt loop and he barely noticed it all day.  What a good boy.


We should have these results in a few days and are not anticipating any surprises.  I love days where my little man makes me proud.  On another note, I ran a horrific four miles in the middle of the day and nearly keeled over from the heat, and I love the heat.  In the middle of my run I had to lay down under a tree and compose myself.  I felt like I was going to fall over, cry, or fall over and cry at the same time.  At the end of my run I collapsed under another tree and prayed that nothing inside me would burst.  As I recovered, a woman doing some seriously fast power walking cruised by me and said, “Girl, you rock.  You killed it.  Way to go.”  I mustered a grunt and a smile and was immediately healed by her unexpected cheering.  She doesn’t know that I nearly died, she didn’t really know that I was miserable, but she just threw some support out there.  Seriously, how awesome is running?  So awesome.


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