Some like it HOT!

I know some people are going to roll their eyes at me for saying this, but I do really like the hot weather.  I would rather sweat any day than to freeze.  One of the things that keeps me inside instead of on my run is not knowing how to dress, or dreading the cold biting at me as I run.  That’s not to say that I’m doing a dance when it’s 90 something degrees out.  Sure I prefer 60s and 70s with a low dew point, but I’ll take anything above 50.

There are ways to deal with the heat, other than the obvious hydrating and running at cooler times of the day.  How you dress makes a big difference.  The less clothes, the better, and what’s not fun about that?!  I love to run with bare legs and arms.  Maybe one day my mommy belly will be small enough that I can just run in a bra and shorts, but for now I’ll throw a tank over it.  Any clothes you wear need to be quick drying – this is key!  Cotton is one of the worst things to wear because your sweat will just stay in it.  Your body cools down not through sweating but through the evaporation of sweat.  You must sweat, and let it dry, to cool off.  Otherwise you’re just wearing a shirt full of hot water, if you think about it.

I ran a 5k yesterday in a fun new pair of shorts from a company that was already my favorite.  I love their pants, and now I’m obsessed with their shorts.  Not only am I a size 1 in their line (great marketing, I think), but the shorts are made of NEOPRENE.  That’s right, neoprene.  It’s blended with something else to make it light, but it gives you some support, some smoothing, and it dries super fast.  I want fifty pairs I love them so much.  You can check them out here.  Go buy a million. (And use code JOJOTRIBE for 15% off!)


Yesterday’s 5k was hot, hot, hot.  A couple of good friends came and ran with me, and we had a great time.  My friends Suzi and hubby Charlie, and their daughter Ali all ran and they kicked butt.  They’re on the marathon team; Suzi and Charlie are getting back in to running after many years off.  Both Suzi and Ali won their age groups!  I couldn’t be prouder.  I PR’ed at 27:00 despite the awful heat too.  What a great run.


The run was for Ryan’s Quest, which supports Duchenne’s research.  It was a well supported run at a great park, and we all really enjoyed it.  After there was a “bash”, which was basically a fair.  Most of the food and attractions had been donated, which is quite amazing.  If you paid for the 5k, the bash was free.  All of us runners ate great food completely free.  Tickets to the bash were reasonable, $30 and under, and with all the donated goods I’m sure that a lot of that goes to the cause.  I was awestruck at this event and motivated.  My husband said to me, “Give you five years and you’ll be doing an event like this, right?”  He once again read my mind.  I want an event like that to help fuel the research for muscular dystrophy.  It’s now in my five year plan.


On another note – marathon training starts this week!  I’m looking forward to running a little slower and longer.  I’ve been here and there hitting 8:30 miles.  My first mile yesterday was around there but the subsequent two were a bit all over the place due to the heat and the hills.  I get stressed trying to keep up that pace, so I’m looking forward to breaking it up with some distance, intervals, and yes, some speed.  Of course I’ll be keeping you posted!

One thought on “Some like it HOT!

  1. Woot! What an awesome run. Congrats! I too prefer the heat. You can always slow your pace down and hydrate. Last year I got so fed up with the cold that I told Rock we were getting gym memberships. I find that just thinking about layering up and getting out the door for cold runs keeps me finding excuses to waste time. Plus, to be honest, I feel like the sweat helps me to feel like I’m burning those calories! Congrats again on a great run and I will be there to run any race in Harry’s honor!

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