Harry’s First Summer Camp

Sometimes I am just in awe of how the world works and the people who have been put in my life.  Through Harry’s muscular dystrophy I have networked a lot and met some really wonderful people.  Through running with the MDA’s Team Momentum I have befriended so many amazing people, one of those being a coach Sarah (check out her amazing blog here) and her husband Rock.  Sarah invited Harry and I to join the mini sports camp that she runs with her husband.  They normally meet in Central Park but due to the rain were in a gym at Baruch College.

If I’m being honest (like I always am), I must admit that I was very nervous on my way in to NYC.  The strange thing is it had nothing to do with traveling to the city, navigating with my toddler, or the all day rain forecast.  I was nervous about Harry’s experience.  The camp is for 2 to 4 year olds, which is a wide age range.  I knew the kids would be very active and run around a lot, and I just want my little man to do everything that all of the other kids are doing.  I can’t begin to describe just how amazing Sarah, Rock, and the other coaches were to Harry.  Some how they were able to include him but not make him feel different.  We threw balls and made custom shields to deflect balls that the coaches threw at us.  We of course played with a parachute and Harry screamed with delight.  We played with rubber duckies and hid them from Coach Rock, in what Harry so aptly described as a “duck trap”,  Harry laughed and ran and yelled and sang and had a great time.


There is one part of our day that I must talk about, because it breaks my heart.  Despite all of our best efforts, my smart little man is fully aware of everything around him.  The more time he spends with other kids, the more he is motivated to do more, but he also begins to realize that he is different.  This day was inevitable.  After lunch I pressed my luck a little and hung around with a mildly hungry and tired Harry, and after a run he put his head in to the wall and sighed an emphatic sigh.  I asked him what’s wrong, and his response was “Harry sad”.  When I probed in to why he was sad, he responded with: “Harry sad, Harry can’t do it.”  I knew he was referring to his abilities compared to the other kids, and my heart broke.  Miraculously, Coach Rock overheard this exchange and called Harry over.  I don’t know what they talked about, but they had a little man-to-man moment and suddenly, all was right again for Harry.  Sarah snapped this pic and I saw my happy little man again.


We played a little longer and Harry, although reluctant to go, said his goodbyes.  We spent a little time out in the rain in Times Square, which Harry loved (almost as much as the pretzel we bought and promptly devoured).  We took a quick run (literally) to the Fire Zone, which is the FDNY store.  Inside there’s a part of a fire truck that you can sit in, and Harry was in heaven.  A few purchases later, we grabbed a cab and headed home.  My little man didn’t even make it in to the tunnel before he was passed out.  A great day, indeed.  I think we are going back on Tuesday and I cannot wait.  I might be more excited than Harry!  How we were so blessed to have such amazing friends, new and old, I’ll never know.  Love, love, love you all.

20150602_135510 20150602_140200


4 thoughts on “Harry’s First Summer Camp

  1. We LOVE LOVE LOVE Rock and Sarah!! Thank you for recognizing what amazing people they are! They have so much enthusiasm and energy for life and kids! Glad Harry was able to join the camp – He is stinkin’ adorable! ❤

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