This weekend, Harry and I were able to shuffle up to PA to attend The Devon Horse Show and cheer on Harry’s Uncle Rusty as he showed his horse.  This is a very prestigious show; Rusty and his amazing horse Azor were up against incredible competition – 36 other horses!  In a crowd that big, it was hard for me to find Rusty, but Harry had no problem at all.  From up in the grandstand Harry spotted his Uncle without any help.  Every time they passed Harry would yell “Way to go, Uncle Rusty!  Go horse!  You can do it!”


It was very special to see how proud he was of his Uncle, not by blood but by love and a lifelong friendship.  I too am proud of Rusty, Azor, and his entire team which included his incredible parents, his “groom” Zeke, his amazing trainer Suzi whom I love and respect dearly, and a herd of incredible friends who all took the drive to watch this one class.  We were all beaming with pride.  Pride is an amazing feeling.  It is a completely selfless emotion.  It is not laced with envy, it does not have ownership, it is just happiness for another being.  What fuels it is watching someone work hard for what they want to achieve.  I feel this on a daily basis for my Harry man, as he works hard and make progress.  Currently he’s making me proud by placing his rocketship and potato chips on his head, so skillfully and with a ton of giggles.


I feel pride often on runs, too.  Even my little short runs, even if they’re only a couple of miles.  I try to think of something that went well for each run and feel proud of it.  When you work hard at something, but your goal is far away, you have to keep patting yourself on the back for all the progress you’ve made.  Anyway, there’s your Monday feel good post.  Enjoy the day, and the rest of these pictures!

BFFs - Rusty and Harry

BFFs – Rusty and Harry


The trucks were a good finish to an amazing day


He insisted on not only riding this horse, but me going away from me to take a picture. The nerve.

A horse show hangover at its finest!

A horse show hangover at its finest!

One thought on “Pride

  1. What a fun adventure and way to grow up! I only rode a horse for the first time in my late 20’s when Rock took me horseback riding upstate (he was a riding instructor….go figure). Can we talk about how handsome Harry looks all dressed up?! By the way, I completely agree with and understand that sense of pride that comes with running. I think as a woman it is a very empowering sport. You have to work hard to do it and push yourself and with that comes some incredible strength!

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