Love the Run

Hey, beginner runners!  I have some great news for you, a little secret I want to share.  Everyone hates their run at some point.  Sure, once in a blue moon we go out and the whole thing rocks.  There are probably also runners who love every second, and they can kiss my ass for all I care.  The rest of us hate our run at some point, at least for a moment or two.  Something hurts, it feels too slow, our legs won’t cooperate, we bonk, there are so many ways to hate your run.  Personally I hate the first mile, love most of the second or third, then hate on and off the rest of my run.  Each step feels either awesomely amazing or ridiculously terrible.

When I’m pushing a new, faster pace, I spend my entire run counting down to the end (unless I catch a good down hill – weeee!).  During a run this week, my hatred came early and I contemplated stopping.  Then, I had an epiphany.  Why not learn to love the run, and see the end goal just as a prize I get for finishing?  What an interesting point of view.  So I focused on the now.  I felt the power in my legs and ignored my knees and hips.  I felt the head wind and instead of cursing its pressure I enjoyed the cool breeze on my flushed face.  I actually turned down my music and listened to my breath, it was invigorating!

Then, I fell deeper in to my trance.  How many times in life did I focus on the goal instead of the journey?  Graduation just passed, and while I currently feel relief I’m sure I will look back and miss these times.  I focus on the “goal” so much with Harry – where I want him to be, what I want him to be able to do.  I often overlook the small victories, or I get frustrated on the distance between us and the goal.  These are sure fire ways to make life fly by you.

Back to my run – fly by it did!  Suddenly, I was done.  That’s the best part about running, all of a sudden it’s over and you feel so much better.  I encourage you all to enjoy the moment you’re in, whether it’s in a run or a journey in your life.  Sure, the current step may feel tough or even painful, but breathe it in.  YOU’RE ALIVE.  How much better can it get than that?



One thought on “Love the Run

  1. I LOVE this post. Just about every run sucks in some way and I have been thinking about this a lot lately as my body adjusts in new and weird ways. I laughed out loud when you said they could kiss your ass. So true. So true! There are definitely those runs as you continue and improve where you feel amazing but there are still runs in between that feel awful and I always tell my runners that just about every run has a struggle in there somewhere. I remember when Rock was running for about a year and I gave him a hard time one day for going too slow. He stopped, glared at me and said, “Do you mind? This finally doesn’t feel like I am going to puke every time I head out to the door. Give me a break!” I always try to remember that. Great post!

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