Mom – Small Word, Big Meaning!

Happy Mother’s Day to a slew of amazing ladies out there.  I know so many who deserve much more than just a day and would never ask for anything!  There’s something about being a mom that instantly makes you put everything before yourself.  Before I was a mom, I was very self centered.  I felt like the world revolved around me, and I was the center of my universe.  Many of us are like that, as evidenced by the popularity of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you get the gist.  We use social media to talk about all things ME ME ME.  There isn’t anything wrong with that, but after I had my son I looked at myself a little differently.

After Harry was in the picture, suddenly there was something grander, something more important.  I had a purpose and a meaning greater than myself.  Now I was in charge of this tiny little being and everything about his life.  That scary thought is enough to shock your ego right in to the back seat!  During his first year of life I was acutely aware that not only did I have to shape and care for this young man, but I had to throw myself in front of a bus for him if the occasion arose.

Fast forward to the end of that year when we realized that Harry was different, he had muscular dystrophy.  Suddenly my job description changed.  “Mom” (we really like “Mama” to be honest) changed from its original complex definition to something greater.  Now I had to be medical expert, physical therapist, nutritionist, and so much more, but mostly I had to make sure I was truly his champion.  We mothers really do become our child’s champion, don’t we?  We stand up for them, boost them when needed, be a loud LOUD LOUD voice for them when called to.

In return, my Harry made me special.  He justified my feelings of being important, of being very special.  I am on this Earth because of him and for him.  I will never stop being his Mama, and in some ways, I never really wasn’t his Mama.  I was just waiting for him to make his way here.  (He sure took his time, didn’t he?)  Our kids give us purpose and meaning, mine is just a bit literal as I work for a cause.

So here’s to all the mamas out there.  There are so, so many I know that deserve the world.  If you’re reading this, I’m talking to you.  Always know how special you are, and how that little one of yours gave you that gift.  For my about to be mamas – you’re just about to enter this amazing world, and I for one can’t wait for you to join it!  I’ve had the pleasure of talking at length this week to two friends who are expecting and bless their hearts, they both actually know the endless love and amazing universe they are about to enter.  I didn’t know until Harry smacked me in the face with it, and it was overwhelming!  I’ve said it over and over, but I can’t wait for you guys to join this amazing club!

For my tired and over worked (and under appreciated mamas), know that you are loved.  Know that your kids go to bed dreaming of your beautiful face and wake overjoyed to see it once again.  To the grandmas, rest assured that your daughters may argue with you about the grandkids, but the love we feel for you is endless.  We’re just tired (see above) and forget to show it.  For the mamas who are struggling to be mamas – I know your pain.  My son is an IVF baby and it took a while to get him.  Be patient.  Your little one is out their waiting for the right time to join you, and you’re already their mama.  To my friends who miss their mamas, I know you’re hurting on days like today.  Be strong for her and spread her love and warmth down to your kids, and your grandkids.  Love heals, and she is with you.

This is one of my favorite holidays because of all the love.  Drink it up!  Happy mother’s day!!



6 thoughts on “Mom – Small Word, Big Meaning!

  1. I love reading your posts. You are amazing and the Family Smith is amazing! God bless you all and that beautiful boy!

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